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Zara Sheikh - Story of Success

Pakistani fashion Model Zara Sheikh on Summer Fashion Sunday Magazine. Zara Sheikh a big name of Pakistani fashion world. Model done another fashion photo shoot for Weekly fashion Magazine Sunday.

Zara Sheikh born June 1, 1982 in Lahore, Pakistan) is a famous Pakistani model actress and singer. She began her career through an ad campaign for Mobilink Jazz working as a full-time model before making her debut on the cinema-screen.

Sheikh's big break came while working with photography 'genius' Khawar Riaz, who promised to make her the next big thing and she has since gone on to act in films such as Tere Pyar Mein, Salakhain and Laaj.

In 2003, she branched into singing, playback singing for her film Chalo Ishq Larain and releasing an album with pop-singer, Ali Haider.

Sheikh made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the 'JAZZ Girl' for one of Pakistan's most popular and leading cellular service providers, Mobilink GSM. The ad campaign was an instant hit and plummeted Sheikh to television and print ads for the brand. Zara built on the success by appearing in photoshoots in teen and fashion magazines but initially, was not very successful.

Her big break came when fashion photography 'genius' Khawar Riaz spotted her, thinking Sheikh "would be a great platform for him to portray his work."Sheikh was at first hesitant, but Riaz - who told her that he could turn her into the next Amna Haq, Pakistan's gorgeous leading model and Lux lady was not deterred, and his efforts to persuade her have been described as "a Tom and Jerry chase which lasted for a year and a half and took him all over Lahore, from late night parties to afternoon trips to the shopping malls until eventually he managed to pin down the young lady."

Working with Riaz was "gruelling," but Sheikh now calls her acceptance of his offer "a blessed decision." Sheikh has modelled for a large number of fashion designers including leading Pakistani designers Deepak Perwani, Nomi Answar and Rizwan Beyg, and her looks have been described as "attractive," "fiery" and "ravishing." An article, focusing on Sheikh calls her onscreen presence "spectacular":

"One has to admit that Zara Sheikh has talent. With attractive looks and elegant style she can win the hearts of many. Her chemistry with the camera is spectacular." Sheikh has also worked with Asia-Saail, Selina Warda, designer duo Nickie Nina and popular brands like Crossroads, Levi's, Lajwanti and Nee Purtial.

It was recently reported by a magazine that Zara has made a deal with an International brand as the brand ambassador of the product for one whole year and she will be paid whooping amount of 25 Lakhs which is far away from what all Models and Film Actresses charge in Lollywood. The first ad film for the product was shot in Malaysia which budgeted over one crore.

The product is said to be a Malaysian product and to date is not available in Pakistan thus Pakistani's unaware of the campaign. Sheikh with Pakistani male model, Nomi Qamar Sheikh's success as a model resulted in her landing an offer to appear in a music video entitled O Sanam (O, Love!).

The video, a hit, introduced Sheikh to the Pakistani cinema. Sheikh made her cinema screen debut in 2001, through Hassan Askari's Tere Pyar Mein in which she played the role of an Indian Sikh, who falls in love with a Pakistani banker.

The movie received good reviews and country-wide acclaim for 'excellent acting,' "a tight script," and Sheikh's "fiery presence." The movie also completed a successful, year long run in Pakistani cinemas and swept the annual Film Awards in Lahore, bringing Sheikh her first Best Actress award. This was the first time a newcomer had won the specific award, let alone for their debut film.

In 2002, she appeared alongside one of Lollywood's leading ladies Meera, pop-singer Ali Haider and model-turned-actor Imran Khan in Sajjad Gul's Chalo Ishq Larain (Let's Love). A year later, in 2003, Sheikh again worked alongside Imran Khan - playing the part of a Hindu girl, Ram Khori, who converts to Islam - in the critically acclaimed and well-crafted Laaj (Honour) a powerful, historical, part-religious tale.

Khan and Sheikh in a screenshot from LaajIn 2004, Sheikh and Meera worked together once more, in the 150 minute, Shahzad Rafique-directed Salakhain (translated as The Bars), which was screened at the 5th KaraFilm Festival in Karachi.

In 2006, Sheikh played the role of a girl-in-love in the Mubasher Lucman-directed Pehla Pehla Pyar (The First Ever Love), a film partly filmed in Thailand,[12] which saw her working against Pakistani top film star, Resham, and "chocolate hero" Ali Tabish. Speaking of her experience, post-production, Sheikh said, "It's not easy to work with Mubasher.

He's motivated by his film a lot and does not believe in any compromises." She also revealed that, at one point, she had worked twenty-eight hours at a stretch, but that "when I saw the result on the screen afterward I was in tears because ... it was clearly worth it."

In 2008, she starred in Javed Raza's Kabhi Pyar Na Karna, taking the lead opposite Lollywood's leading actor, Moammar Rana.Sheikh's talent, looks and hard work has resulted in her becoming one of Pakistan's top actresses in a short period of time, and she has been called "undoubtedly the most starry of all the stars in Lollywood" and "a valuable asset for [the] film industry."

Sheikh does not work in many movies, releasing only one or two movies every two years, and prefers, instead, to divide her time between modelling, acting, singing and performing in music videos. She remains an actress exclusive for top banners and, at one point, turned down twenty-six films in a row.

In 2002, Sheikh collaborated with famous, Pakistani pop singer, Ali Haider to playback sing three musical numbers for her movie Chalo Ishq Larain.[14] She has also released an album with him, saying she picked him "because he asked me first” and - in a highly surprising statement - "because I don’t think I’m famous enough to be able to ensure the success of a solo album."

Sheikh's songs have a received mixed response, with one source saying that "her singing ... require(s) some serious thinking" but "nonetheless, she has the knack to make her mettle in [the singing] arena."[4] and another praising "her husky voice." In 2002, Sheikh performed at Yusuf Salli's haveli, where she had actually accompanied Khawar Riaz and pop singer Ali Haider for a Basant night celebration.

The impromptu performance, which got people "raving about her husky voice and [legendary subcontinental singer] Malika Pukhraj-like expressions," came after Salli himself requested her to sing at the function. In May 2009, Sheikh appeared in an episode of Urooj Nasir's television programme Who's That Woman?, which was aired by a private television of Pakistan.

Personal Life - Sheikh was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Her father was in the Central Superior Services of Pakistan which would normally result in a life spent moving all over Pakistan. However, Sheikh was fortunate to have a stable home as her parents were careful not to interrupt her education at any time.

Sheikh is engaged to Pakistani model and television personality, Mikaal Zulfiqar and frequently travels to Dubai, London, New York and Toronto.[16] She is considered "quite outspoken and down-to-earth," uses the Internet quite frequently, has a liking for juices, and enjoys reading fan mail, watering her plants, and listening to good music in her spare time.

She finds her flawless skin her "biggest asset" and has admitted that she is "unbelievably finicky" about it. Correspondingly, she has called her figure her "biggest flaw," saying she wishes she "had more curves." She came into the spotlight for her smoking habits, regarding which she said, "I know a lot of models start smoking because they want to kill their appetite but with me, I had to with the tensions that were suddenly invading my life and the company I was hanging out with. When everyone around you is smoking, you end up picking up the habit too."

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